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Ready-to-use density gradient system designed to separate the motile fraction of human sperm from seminal fluid

  • • 10Silane-coated colloidal silica particles suspended in HEPES-buffered HTF
  • • Uses a combined Sodium Bicarbonate/HEPES buffering system which is appropriate for those procedures that do not use a carbon dioxide atmosphere
  • • Formulated with a stabilized form of glutamine
  • • Contains the antibiotic Gentamicin
  • • For use without CO2 (pre-equilibrate at 37ºC)
  • • Contains 5 mg/ml HSA
  • • Provided in both 50ml and 100ml glass bottles
  • • One-Cell Mouse Embryo tested (>80% 1-cell to expanded blastocyst within 96 hrs)
Store at 2-8ºC
2 year shelf life


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