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Fast-acting disinfectant without alcohol


  • Ready-to-use gentle disinfectant for hands and skin hygiene
  • Free of alcohol or aldehydes
  • Neutralisation of odour-producing bacteria
  • Does not cause skin irritation, also suitbale for sensitive skin


Quatary ammonium compounds
Free of alcohol and aldehyde
Does not irritate the skin
Also suitable for sensitive skin with frequent use
Leaves no stain
BauA registered

Microbiological efficancy

Bactericidal, e.g. E.Coli
Fungicidal, e.g. Candida
Effective against influenza and corona viruses, among others

(as specified by the manufacturer)


REF 17665     Spray bottle 50 ml
REF 14684     Spray bottle 250 ml
REF 15648     Bottle 500 ml
REF 17708     Bottle with dosing head 500 ml
REF 17664     Spray bottle 1 l
REF 17709     Canister 5 l
REF 17710     Canister 10 l


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