Labo Gas Mixer

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REF 15583

No necessity for purchase of mixed gas bottles any more!

Advantages of Labo Gas Mixer:

    • Provides mixed gas (CO2, N2 and atmospheric oxygen) for incubators
    • Individual setting of CO2 and Oconcentration
    • Connection for CO2 and N2 gas bottles, O2 will be retrieved from ambient air
    • Integrated In-Line-Filters (exchangeable)
    • Mixed gas supply for up to 3 Labo C-Tops
    • Bypass for other external devices:

Mixed gas supply of incubation chambers used with microscopes

External control of COconcentation by use of Labotect InControl

  • Anytime adjustable concentration of required mixture of gases
  • Convenient glass control panel

Technical Data

Dimensions 21.0 x 27.5 x 15.5 cm (w x d x h) incl. filter
CO2 control Range 0 – 10 % / stability ± 0.3 % CO₂
Dual beam infrared sensor
O2 control < 21 % Range 5 % – 21 % / stability ± 0.3 % O₂
Nernst cell
Removable gas quantity max. 1000 ml/min
Pressure range gas port 0.8 – 1.5 bar
Gas flow bypass 50 – 300 ml/min

RS485-interface for data logging with optional abvailable PC-software LaboDat+

Remote alarm


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