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IVF Basics® HTF HEPES is a handling, conditioning and culture medium enriched with HEPES for the use outside a CO2 incubator.

IVF Basics® HTF HEPES is already used in over 100.000 IVF cycles and is developed for IVF, GIFT and ZIFT procedures in order to facilitate the human gamete and embryo manipulation.


Features & Benefits:

Contains Gentamicin
Bicarbonate buffered
HEPES buffered to maintain a stable pH during procedures outside a CO2 incubator
Storage at 2oC to 8oC
Chemically defined and free of animal derived components
500ml bottle
1,5 year shelf life


NaCI, KCI, Glucose x H2O, KH2PO4, MgSO4 x 7H20, CaCI2 x 2H2O, D-L- Na Lactate, Gentamicin Sulfate, Na Pyruvate, NaHCO3, HEPES


Quality control:

Each lot is thoroughly quality control tested which results in a very consistent product quality and reliability.

Method Procedure
 Sterilization  By Filtration
 Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA)  1-Cell survival


 Catalogue No. Bottle Size
 BE02-037F  500 ml
 –  Other bottle sizes are available upon


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