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Designed to support the seamless extended culture of embryos from Day 1 through expanded Blastocyst (Day 5/6)
  • • Formulated with low lactate concentrations to improve the efficiency of pyruvate utilization during energy production at each stage of embryo development.
  • • Low lactate/pyruvate ratio (L:P < 20) to improve blastocyst formation.
  • • pH, osmolality and supporting culture conditionsremain constant during the extended culture period to prevent intracellular stresses as the embryos progress through the IVF process.
  • • Compatible foruse withtime lapse technology.
  • • Uses a sodium bicarbonate buffering system which is appropriate for those procedures requiring the use of a carbon dioxide atmosphere during incubation.
  • • Incorporates a stable from of Glutamine.
  • • Contains the antibiotic Gentamicin.
  • • Requires protein supplementation.
  • • Requires pre-equilibration at 37°C in 5-6% CO2.
  • • Provided in 20ml glass vials.
  • • One-Cell Mouse Embryo tested (≥80% 1-cell to expanded blastocyst within 96 hrs).
Store at 2-8°C
180 day shelf life


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