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REF 14526

Seperate unit for filtering the atmosphere in incubators

  • Suitable for all cell culture incubators with minimum 60 l volume
  • Eliminates particles, VOCs and other impurities in a very short time
  • External controller outside the incubator
  • No negative influence on the atmosphere inside the incubator
  • Flexible use

Technical Data

Preinstalled standard filter Composite filter (to be replaced every 3 months)
Dimensions Diameter 10 cm / height 12 cm
Weight Approx. 600 g (when using combined filter)
Application details

Operation under regular incubator atmosphere

Switches on automatically for 5 – 6 minutes; starts again after a break of 40 minutes


Optional filters

REF 14548     Gas filter A1

REF 15415     Composite filter A2-P3D


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