Balloon Catheter

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Balloon Catheter


The HSG balloon catheter is developed for Hysterography and sonohysterography.

The balloon catheter has 3 connections: one with a fixed and deformable mandrel, one for the injection of the contrast liquid and one for inflating the balloon with a stopcock at the end of the connection.


Features & Benefits:

  • BPA transparant catheter
  • One-way stopcock
  • Mandrel that can be altered
  • Silicone balloon
  • 3 connections:
    • 1 with fixed and deformable mandrel
    • 1 for injection of the contrast liquid
    • 1 for inflating the balloon with stopcock at the end


Quality control:

Method Procedure
Sterilization Ethylene oxide


Reference Description Box Of
PM HSG Balloon CH8 PS 3310733 HSG and Sonography balloon catheter 5


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